Envirodome/Intershelter Helping to House the Homeless in Seattle

                                                                              20′ Domes

 EnviroDome is the Northwest Distributor for Intershelter.  The Domes are available in two sizes, 14 and 20 foot.  

Click here to see a video of the inside of our display dome that is located at the Auburn Supermall.  The outside of the dome can be viewed by clicking here.


n  Assemble

  quickly and easily, three people can put a dome up in as little as 3 and a half hours

n  Provides protection from the elements and can withstand hurricane force winds

n  Earthquake safe

n  Aesthetically pleasing and highlights the innovative Dome Village concept

The transitional Dome Community concept is a tried and true solution that was used in 1986 at a location Los Angeles, California.  The community was called JHUSA (Justiceville Homeless USA).  Justiceville provided Innovative transitional housing for homeless people with support services.  

The mission of the Dome Village, in addition to providing transitional housing and supportive services for homeless people, was to teach skills, foster empowerment and increase self-esteem so that residents could become responsible and productive citizens of society. 

Justisville Model

n  Provided individuals and families private, stable space for up to two years while they underwent job training, education, and transition from street life.

n  Building community and social skills in an environment that is a microcosm of the “real world”.  The village functioned as a neighborhood, integrating single men and women, couples and families with children a vibrant and supportive atmosphere. 

n  The guidelines of the Dome Village reflected the same rules and regulations of mainstream living in the community at large.

n  Residents attended regular community meetings  and participated in a variety of workshops and support services. 

  • Residents prepared their own meals and maintained their own domes as well as performed a variety of daily and weekly facility chores such as kitchen, bathroom cleaning, trash collection, garden maintenance etc. giving  them life skill experiences for return to mainstream

n  Included one community kitchen dome.

n   The community kitchen was open during certain hours for residents to prepare their own meals

n  Residents were responsible for maintenance and cleanliness.

Cyber Dome Model

n  The Dome Village had high speed internet and a local network so residents could log on and use computers for education,  research,  job searches and other computer applications

n  Computer Education is one way volunteers can work with Dome Village residents.

n  Jobseekers Workshops

n  Life skills workshops

n  Computer Education

n  Parent Training Classes

n  Health Education

n  Nutrition Education

A 20’ dome can be viewed at the Auburn Super Mall in Auburn Washington.  Please contact EnviroDome to set up a viewing time.  The EnviroDome web site is temporarily incomplete due to hackers compromising the site.  More information can be obtained from http://www.intershelter.com.  Price breaks are available for local state and government agencies. 


Both companies are currently working on Project Green Haiti



Chuck Bertrand – President  



Office    253.925.5193

Cell        253.315.1316

Sandy Gilley


Cell       253.405.9903


Captain Don Kubley





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